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Our team covers expatriate management, assignment managementtax compliance, and employment tax advisory services. 

Navigating global taxation obligations

Expatriate management can challenge HR and Payroll teams due to an abundance of unfamiliar tax, payroll, and compliance obligations. How an assignment is managed will have both short and long-term impacts on your organization so its vital to get expert advice from the outset. Our team of international tax experts is here to work with you and your employees concerning your tax affairs, ensuring all the information needed is shared and explained. 

Globalization and global talent mobility trends are changing, and companies want and need to enable a borderless organizational structure as part of their growth strategy. We know covering global employment and mobility tax obligations, and compliance across multiple locations is central to this. At Immedis, we’re working with several international organizations to support their globally mobile workforce, properly advising businesses and assignees on country-specific tax requirements. We know first-hand the complexities that exist and the positives that come with having the right support in place.

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Remain compliant via centrally managing and monitoring your globally mobile workforce.

  • Ensure compliance of assignees across various jurisdictions, protecting employer reputation globally.
  • Removes the need for companies to deal with multiple global mobility providers across countries of operation.
  • Generate central reporting of assignee data across all jurisdictions.
  • Utilize online global mobility tracker tool to gain complete visibility of assignee movements across borders, highlighting withholding obligations for employers in real time.
  • Improves the employee experience as all relevant tax obligations are clearly explained and covered.
  • Offers the opportunity for businesses to consolidate both global payroll and global tax mobility requirements via one provider.

Covering end-to-end assignment management

Assignment Briefings

Get everyone on the same page from the start by conducting an assignee tax briefing. Our team explains everything to the assignee, including home and host country tax obligations, tax equalization implications, key compliance dates and actions, as well as home and host country consequences at the end of an assignment. 

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Taxation Compliance

Our team prepare and submit home and host country tax returns on your assignees, ensuring key deadlines are met. In addition, we cover employee tax and social security applications to assist with preparation and submission to relevant authorities to ensure correct contributionswithholdings, and relief claims are made. 

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Additional Tax Calculations Covered

These include: 

  • Hypothetical tax calculations which instruct the employer on what withholding to apply while an individual is on an assignment.  
  • Tax equalization calculations which are prepared at the year to reconcile an individual’s yearend position and bring the employee to the same position as if they had not gone on assignment. 
  • Tax protection calculations carried out at year end to ensure that the most beneficial global position passes to the employee. 
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Remuneration Advice

Review of assignee remuneration packages for assignment cost planning purposes.  Our team can assist you and advise on cost projections, tax efficient structuring of remuneration packages, and analysis of double tax agreements. 

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Global Mobility Policy Development

Get the support needed to draft global mobility policy documents, assignment letters, and other assignment related documentation. 

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Shadow Payroll

We provide the set-up and maintenance of ongoing shadow payroll obligations, assistance with payroll calculations, gross ups, and payroll reporting in host locations. 

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“We know global payroll tax compliance can be overwhelming as rules and regulations vary vastly from location to location. Paying employees in a timely and compliant manner across the world is not easy. The potential for hefty fines and penalties arising from errors and omissions makes payroll tax even more onerous. Our team of payroll tax experts is here to help our customers manage the various payroll tax challenges arising to help ensure compliance.”

Christine Kiely, Chief Tax and Payroll Officer

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