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Gain complete confidence, control, and transparency of international payments with Immedis Pay

Ensure the timely payment of employees, statutory parties, and local partners no matter where in the world they might be.

Protect your business with safe, secure cross-border payment processing

As an increasing number of global organizations move into new geographies and tackle ambitious expansion plans, the requirements and complexities of managing international payments and funding increase. In addition, hybrid working conditions mean that organizations need to pay their employees wherever they are in the world.

There are many challenges for companies to consider, from country-specific legislation, local banking and payments requirements, to preventing fraud and achieving internal alignment and process transparency.

Immedis Pay Partners


TransferMate is a leading, global B2B-payments technology solution, processing billions in international payments for the world’s most trusted brands. We have attracted major strategic investments from leading banks including ING Group N.V and Allied Irish Bank.

Western Union

Western Union help people and businesses move money for better—better communities, better economies, and a better world.

Cambridge Global Payments

Whether you’re a small business managing a growing supply chain and roster of partners or a multinational looking to keep up with real-time demands, our web-based platform or integrated payment solutions can support all your needs.

Global payroll is not just about getting your people paid. It is also about finding the best, most efficient way to accomplish this. A way that gives your teams the time to focus on strategy and innovation rather than completing tedious and labor-intensive manual tasks. Immedis Pay is a fully outsourced consolidated global payments payroll and payments solution. Bringing together disparate systems and processes, Immedis Pay provides flexible end-to-end payment automation that ensures full, on-time delivery of your employee and statutory payments.

Matt Teumer, Director, Payment Solutions


  • Delivers payroll and tax payments to over 200 countries
  • Remits payments in over 145 currencies from USD to Malaysian Ringgit
  • Process tens of thousands of recurring transactions every month
  • Operates with a 99.98% error-free rate

We understand that every business has its own set of unique requirements for payments and funding; therefore we offer four options:

  1. Direct Debit PULL
  2. Reverse Wire for US customers
  3. Wire transfers
  4. Pre-funded segregated account

This eliminates manual processes such as creating bank wire templates, cuts additional bank fees, and means time back to internal teams to focus on workforce strategy.

What Immedis global payments processing means for your organization

Access one, centralized, compliant payments source

Send payments across the globe knowing that all local banking and payment requirements are considered and covered. You can avoid the additional costs associated with payments transfers with access to the Immedis network of local, in-country automated clearing houses (ACH), utilized to ensure full, timely payments delivery.

We built comprehensive reporting & reconciliation capabilities into the solution. Payment statuses and per payment reconciliation are available within the Immedis Platform, making it easier for organizations to keep track of their accounts and produce audit trails for future reference. Organizations can generate a GL report to synchronize back into their Financial Management System- further streamlining the reporting function and enabling greater transparency around global headcount costs.

Centralized Payments Hub

Automate the complete funding and payments process

With Immedis Pay, various funding options are made available, while existing banking and payment partner integrations deliver transactions across 150+ countries in 100+ different currencies. Remove manual processes such as the creation of bank wire templates for payroll and give time back to internal teams to focus on value-add activities. 

Automate Funding and Payments

Ensure payments safety and security

Immedis allows you to decrease the number of internal and external parties involved in the process, reducing opportunities for foul play while at the same time streamlining and securing the complete payments and funding process. Immedis security measures have been externally validated having achieved ISO 27001 certification and SOC compliance giving you confidence in our ability to manage this key step in the payroll process securely. 

Safe and Secure Payments

Improve data accuracy and remove payment errors

Payee data collection and maintenance are vastly improved with Immedis Pay.

Our industry-first Perpetual Validation functionality assesses the accuracy and completeness of employee banking information before payments processing, ensuring that all the data required to complete an accurate payment is in the correct format. In addition, the Immedis employee self-service capability empowers employees to input and maintain personal banking information increasing data correctness and reducing administrative tasks for payroll teams.

Flexible payment & funding options

We understand that every business has its own set of unique requirements and the methods needed concerning payments and funding vary from company to company. We make several payments and funding options available to customers and work with you to determine the best choice for individual needs.  


4 steps to optimize and streamline your treasury management with Immedis Pay


Approval 01

Organization approves payroll

Payments Booking

Payments Booking 02

Immedis books payments and initiates funding


Funds Pulled 03

Funds are pulled or pushed from the organization’s specified account

Payments Sent

Payments Sent 04

Immedis sends local payments to employees, tax authorities and statutory third parties

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