Reduce Costs from Global Payroll

Reduce your payroll process from 16 days to six days

Immedis automates over 50% of inputs, helping you reduce payroll cost and required headcount.

The Challenge

Too manual a process, with many pitfalls

With no global approach to payroll, the process is full of manual tasks, errors and poor employee experience. Worse still, the payroll calendar can take up to +16 days, leading to massive change files and more manual intervention.

Multiple vendors cause significant administrative overhead and global payroll is perceived as inefficient.

Errors and re-runs lead to overpayments. Payroll team is often working on low value, manual tasks.

Disparate processes lead to cost increases, including multiple payroll re-runs due to inaccuracies.

Our Solution

Automation drives efficiency and value

By automating many of the global payroll inputs, Immedis enables the team to work on high value strategic work, with fewer errors and reruns. This leads to improved employee experience with leaner headcount for payroll admin.

Immedis delivers 99.97% first time right, leading to improved employee experience with leaner headcount.

Improved FTE to payslip ratio with more strategic work being carried out by the payroll team.

Reduction in the number of vendors and contracts with payroll providers. Less errors, overpayments and 

Perpetual Validation

Immedis uses inbuilt artificial intelligence with robotic process automation to identify errors ahead of time, perpetually validating all inputs — allowing your payroll team to focus on more strategic projects.
All country specific compliance is managed and controlled within the Immedis Platform and you have one contract and one point of contact.

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