How Partners Enable Immedis to Pursue a Single Source of Truth

October 20, 2020
2 mins read
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Immedis has a clear vision for the future of global payroll. We see global payroll becoming a simplified process centered around a single source of truth. The cornerstone of this idea is the integration of the human capital management system (HCM) and payroll. Companies will then leverage this “power of one” to optimize payroll data and insights for workforce management and business decisions.

How integrations are key to delivering a single source of truth

To take this goal from an aspiration to an accomplishment, Immedis have focused on integrations with some of the market-leading HCMs. With an integration, a customer can move from time-consuming manual processes- with a high likelihood of errors- to a modern and efficient operation. The result is a significant reduction in costs. Plus, not only can they now give management pivotal data insights, but critically, they can also establish compliance.

We want to offer our customers integrations with every HCM. However, given the volume, we had to prioritize and focus our resources where the demand was highest.

My role as the linchpin

I joined Immedis in November 2019 with the specific task of managing all aspects of these nascent partnerships and formalizing our structures with them. As the single point of contact for each collaboration, I oversee their journey, from pre-sales to business as usual. I define the benefits each partnership offers and how it best serves our customers. Our salespeople then take this information and use it to illustrate to customers how the integration will be advantageous to them, explain the onboarding procedure, and work with their technology team to make the process as painless as possible.

It also falls to me to work with our operations teams to evaluate the impact on our operating protocols and help my colleagues navigate the changes that come from exploring each new partnership.

Why certification is key

In his blog, The Role APIs Play in Securing the Safety and Success of your Payroll Integration, Thomas Otter explains the importance of certification. In the simplest of terms, certification is important because it demonstrates to the customer that their HCM has approved the payroll provider assuring the customer that they can work together. I am delighted to say that Immedis is certified by Workday and Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG).

Aligning with system integrators

Partnering with HCMs is one facet of the Immedis eco partnership system. We also team up with system integrators, companies who understand the inherent challenges that integrations bring, and provide customers with the technical support they need. To offer these companies a chance to share their knowledge and expertise, we established the Collaboration of Success program. Part of which includes this recent webinar. We also are planning to expand this to facilitate informal, thought-leadership discussions.

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